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Safety by PeutzVeiligheid

In Safety by Peutz, we draw on examples to take you into the world of safety by Peutz. We show the various aspects of safety that we investigate. We go from calculating failure probabilities to fire tests in our fire safety lab, and from risk analyses at chemical plants to storm simulations in our wind tunnel, or carefully-orchestrated fireworks blasts.

>> Veiligheid van Peutz (in Dutch): ISBN 978-90-811189-3-4, hard cover,
172 pages
>> Safety by Peutz (in English): ISBN 978-90-811189-4-1, hard cover,
172 pages



Wind Technology by Peutzwind

Wind Technology by Peutz shows 76 appealing projects accompanied by beautifull footage. Also, the book gives background information on wind tunnel research; how, what and why do we do these measurements.

>> Wind Technology by Peutz (in English) : ISBN 978-90-811189-2-7, hard cover, 187 pages




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