Data-driven Physics & AI

Smart utilization of data by the construction of specific algorithms in order to create added value within our several areas of expertise. That is the goal that we set for ourselves. Our integral approach of machine learning, physics-based modeling, advanced measurement methods and data processing with which we can provide high-quality solutions for complex problems is what sets us apart.

What do we do?
The application area of machine learning and data science is extremely large, thanks to its abstract and conceptual character. For example, we do research and development of self-learning controls of climate installations in buildings that optimize on both comfort and energy usage, where we make use of dynamic energy models. We develop measurement systems that through use of machine learning algorithms can map sound, vibrations or electromagnetic radiation with less physical measurement equipment. We also use machine learning algorithms to map the wind influences around ships at sea.

Whether it is energy, installations, sound, vibrations or wind, Peutz is able to provide high-quality innovations and consulting services through the cross pollination between the expert knowledge of our consultants and machine learning and data science.