Wind tunnel research

Unique research facility

Peutz is the only independent consultant in Europe with its own wind tunnel. Using scale models, the following problems can be assessed in the wind tunnel:

• Wind environment
• Wind pressures
• Dispersions of substances

Due to the wind tunnel facility, we can design and optimize spatial plans for comfort and safety. Possible problems are identified at an early stage. Together we create a plan of action to achieve suitable solutions.

Our wind tunnel is equipped with measurements systems which make it possible to carry out specific aero - and hydrodynamic research for the offshore.

Remote test witnessing for the wind tunnel laboratory

Remote wittnessingPeutz offers customers the opportunity to watch a test in the wind tunnel via a live video connection. This option is available for tests in the built environment on land and maritime projects. We have a special secured video connection that gives acces to 3 camera's. During the test the client can switch freely between these 3 views. If you want to witness a test through remote acces, we will provide you with instruction and a personal credentials to log in securely. During the test, you can stay in touch with the advisor by chat or with videoconferencing.


Expertise and research projects

Windtechnology By PeutzIn the book 'Wind Technology by Peutz ' (English, 187 pages ) we present 76 exciting projects that are accompanied by stunning visuals . Moreover, the book provides background information on wind tunnel research, the how, the what and the why we do these measurements. Interested? You can request this book through one of our advisors.

(ISBN 978-90-811189-2-7, hardcover, 23x23cm).