External Safety

External safety focuses on controlling risks for the surroundings. For example in the storage, production, usage and transport of hazardous substances. Do you want to test if your company meets the standards for local risk? Or are you involved in spatial development and do you want to have your plans tested according to the norms for groups risk? Then you can contact us.

What do we do?

Peutz has a long experience in the area of external safety. Peutz:

  • carries out quantitative risk analysis (QRAs) and qualitative risk analysis for risky activities with hazardous substances within a company;
  • carries out QRAs for transport of hazardous substances by road, by train or through pipelines;
  • advises on storage and transshipment of hazardous substances and tests this according to the PGS (Publication series Hazardous Substances) guidelines;
  • advises on accountability of the group risk and spatial measures and provisions to be taken;
  • draws up safety reports in the context of Brzo (Companies with risk of major accidents) and assesses them;
  • draws up RI&Es (risk-inventories & evaluations);
  • draws up explosion safety documents (EVDs) in the context of the ATEX;
  • guides and develops ARIEs (Additional risk inventories and evaluations).


We give courses in the field of external safety. For example on external safety in spatial planning and the course PGS 15 – Storage of hazardous substances. Would you like more information on this? Then you can contact us.