Laboratory for Fire Safety

Peutz is the only consultancy agency that has its own fire safety laboratory. The laboratory is accredited by the Accreditation Council (registration number L334) to determine the fire resistance of walls, doors and ceilings according to harmonised European standards and NEN 6069. The laboratory is also accredited to determine the fire behaviour of most building products. Peutz is recognised as a Notified Body by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations under number NB 2264.

New laboratory 
We are building a new Laboratory for siresafety in 2022, to open in Q1 of 2023! Click here for more information...

Research fire resistance

The fire resistance indicates how long a construction can hold back a fire. To determine the fire resistance of a construction, we place the construction in an oven of 4 metres wide and 3 metres high. With a horizontal construction, the (tilting) furnace is used lying down and the construction is placed on the furnace. Next, the temperature in the furnace is increased according to the standardised firing curve. After half an hour the temperature is already more than 800 °C, after one hour even almost 1000 °C. Other fire curves (for example the external fire curve, the hydrocarbon or HC curve) are also possible. During the test, we assess the surface temperature, radiation and flame density, among other things.

Based on the results of the test, Peutz can also 'translate' the fire resistance achieved to the European classification system. This classification is based on EN 13501-2.

Determining fire behaviour

The reaction to fire behaviour of construction products is mainly determined by the degree of flammability and the heat and smoke production during the combustion of the material.

The reaction to fire behaviour is determined for classes B - E (and for pipe insulation the classes BL - EL) on the basis of the results of two tests, the so-called Small Flame test and the Single Burning Item test (SBI). These tests can be carried out at the Peutz Fire Safety Laboratory.

Usable results

Accreditation according to NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17025 (RvA registration number L334) and designation as Notified Body (NB 2264) give you the assurance that qualified test rooms, facilities and methods are used.

The results of an 'accredited' fire test, carried out in the Fire Safety Laboratory, are therefore not open to discussion and the results are valid and usable in all Member States of the European Union. Our measurement results can also be used in the CE marking of building products.

Efectis Peutz guideline drafting expert assessments

Together with Efectis, we have drawn up guidelines on how to draw up expert assessments. This is how we guarantee quality and give you insight into what our assessments are made of.