Working Conditions

A company is as healthy as its employees. Healthy working conditions lead to a healthy working environment, more productivity and less absence. How are the working conditions in your organization? Peutz can test that for you. We also give advice on the possibilities for improvement.

What do we do?

Peutz has advanced measuring and analysis facilities to assess working conditions. We can do this at location or in our laboratories. In our analyses and advice we focus on the following themes:


From certain values the noise levels during working have to be measured. If the situation varies strongly we calculate the average exposure to noise. Based on accurate measurements you can determine exactly which facilities you have to apply – and which you do not have to apply.


Peutz measures and calculates vibrations. We also advice on vibration-reducing facilities. We use dynamic calculation models according to the Finite Element Method. This enables us to map out complex vibrations and predict or demonstrate the effects of measures.

Ventilation, temperature and air quality

A working place has to be as draft-free as possible. An optimal working temperature must also prevail. To control the air quality, insight is needed into the presence, causes, extent and distribution of pollutants. Peutz measures the inside climate of your organization and advises on improvement. You can also read our page about thermal comfort.


The Building code contains legal requirements concerning the entrance of daylight. In the working conditions, guidelines are given on illuminance at and around the workplace. By means of measurements and calculations in existing or projected situations, we can analyze the light in your organization.


Working posture and workplace design have a major influence on the functioning of employees. Based on experience and research Peutz advises on the optimal execution of work and workplace design.

Explosion safety

Within the context of the Working Conditions Act, you as an employer must protect against the risk of explosion based on the Atex guidelines. Peutz advises in this area and, if necessary, prepares an explosion protection document with a corresponding hazard zone classification for your organization.