Building physics

The field of building physics encompasses all the aspects of our living- and working environment: acoustics, daylight admittance, traffic noise and the thermal behaviour of a building. It is the task of the building physics consultant/specialist to join all these aspects into a logical and sound unity. Properly applied in a building, they are quite inconspicuous. Applied incorrectly or not at all, on the other hand, they are immediately noticeable. We all are familiar with windy shopping centres, overheated offices and embarrassingly thin-walled hotels.

How we contribute

Our consultants base their recommendations on advanced calculations, measurements in the laboratories and expertise, accumulated over more than 40 years. The appreciation of the future user is always on the forefront.

Often our consultants are a part of the designteam from the start of the project, next to the architect, the structural engineer and the building services engineer, thus providing essential input during the duration of the project, from the design stage through to the building stage.

Computing / calculating facilities: predict and improve

Peutz has access to advanced computing / calculating facilities. Thus we can already at the design stage of a building predict and improve the thermal behavior, daylighting and the quality of building physics aspects. If the design takes shape we also examine the facades, walls, ceilings, and not to mention the details of the structures. During the construction phase, we support the executive team with the necessary checks and tests in practice.