Underwater Acoustics

Underwater noise measurements

Piling is a common technique for installing foundations for wind turbines and other offshore structures in the seabed. Stable foundations with a high load bearing capacity are obtained. However the high noise levels of impact pile driving cause disturbing noise levels for marine life. In recent years the impact of underwater noise has been the subject of research and has drawn the attention of governments. Inventories have been made of the risk of underwater noise exposure for marine life, resulting in regulations for underwater noise during pile driving. To adhere to the underwater noise regulations (real-time) noise measurements are often required.

Contribution of Peutz

Peutz has developed a measurement system that measures, registers and real-time analyses underwater noise. During pile driving, the sound level is monitored real-time on the installation vessel, allowing for adjustment of the impact energy when necessary. With the real-time underwater noise monitoring system from Peutz, it is immediately clear after conclusion of the piling, whether the noise limits are met.

Real time monitoring system
Real time monitoring system deployed during the installation of the substation for the wind turbine park Borkum Riffgrund 2 in the German North Sea.