In connection with the “Deutsche Einheit” (German Unity) projects, Deutsche Bahn AG completely rebuilds the ICE Station at Erfurt, whilst preserving its historic building structure. Along a length of approx. 200 m, the station will be equipped with a hall roof spanning the entire track field and being in part made of glass; the thoroughfare tracks for commercial goods trains will also run underneath this new roof. Underneath the platform and track facilities, a new shopping level (shopping arcade) with underground parking and technical building services will be constructed. The existing listed reception building is included in the rebuilding and conversion work.

Contribution of Peutz

For the platform hall and the transition areas to the retail/shop space, wind channel studies and computer simulations were performed to determine and evaluate the quality of stay and wind comfort, noise impact on the platforms and the quality of the public address system.

In the service centre and the reception hall, the focus was on energetic and constructional matters, protection against vibration and secondary noise relative to rail traffic, acoustic solutions and the public address system for the escape route.

Deutsche Bahn AG