Sports Centre Papendal

Sports Centre Papendal is an organization of NOC*NSF (Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation). It accommodates Hotel Papendal and the Olympic Training Centre that has three departments: the Center for Top-class sports and Education, Papendal Real estate (Sports Business Centre) and the Elite sports restaurant.

Contribution of Peutz

Peutz has been the acoustic consultant in the design phase. Research has been done into the room acoustical issues in the sports areas. The client has indicated that the reverberation time must meet the guide values set by the Institute of Sports facilities.

Good acoustics are important to make the experience of the user as comfortable as possible. Multiple factors are considered here, especially the reverberation time. Besides guide values of the Institute of Sports facilities, flutter echos also have to be avoided. These flutter echos are repetitive reflections between parallel reflecting structures that cause a longer reverberation time and a negative influence on speech intelligibility.
To meet the guide values sound-absorbing facilities must be included in the design, which means sound-absorbing materials with a sufficiently high sound absorption coefficient. Both a sound absorbing profiled roof plate and wall absorption were included in the design.

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