Bio-energy power plant De Vallei

In 2013, the construction was started of the Bio-energy power plant De Vallei in Ede. This bio-energy plant, together with the district heating system that provides 3,000 houses with heat, will reduce the annual CO2 emission by 7,000 tons. This way the plant will contribute considerably to the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. The environment is spared even more by keeping the cycle as short as possible: the biomass originates from the surrounding area is locally transformed into energy, after which the energy is delivered to heat users in the vicinity. It is the largest sustainability project in Ede and one of the largest sustainability projects in the province of Gelderland.

Contribution of Peutz

Peutz did research to the noise load and air quality, for the benefit of the application for an environmental permit. In the light of the Natural preservation laws and the permit application, we also did research into the nitrogen deposition in the Natura 2000 areas ‘Veluwe’ and ‘Binnenveld’.

Bio-energie De Vallei
The Netherlands