Climat chambers

We have two large climate chambers available with the following dimensions:

  • l x w x h = 9 x 3.6 x 3.25 m
  • l x w x h = 5.4 x 4.3 x 3.2 m

The chambers can be used to carry out studies on

  • The performance of ventilation, heating or cooling components of comfort installations such as supply air ornaments, facade grilles, air-conditioning ceilings, cooling convectors or fan coil units.
  • Designing installation concepts for specific projects with regard to thermal comfort and capacity, among other things.
  • The influence of the architectural envelope on thermal comfort (cold drop, air infiltration).
  • The interaction between technical installations and architectural construction (heat accumulation and heating behaviour).
  • Product development.

To this end, the rooms are equipped with technical installations for:

  • Supply of heated or cooled air
  • Heated and cooled water
  • Simulation of heat loads
  • Simulation of the outside climate (air speed up to 8 m/s, air temperature -15 to 40°C)*
  • Air infiltration and natural ventilation

* deviating temperature ranges on request

One of the chambers is equipped with thermal mass with an adjustable temperature. Both chambers have facilities for the incorporation of façade constructions.
The chambers are equipped with measuring systems according to NEN EN ISO 7726 for the measurement of:

  • Water and air volumes
  • Air velocities and temperatures
  • Radiation temperatures and radiation asymmetry
  • Heat loads
  • Heating or cooling capacity

Measurement data are directly converted into actual comfort parameters like PMV, PPD and DR values according to NEN EN ISO 7730 or NPR CR 1752.

Tests can be supported by Infrared Thermography and other visualisation techniques.

Climat chamber